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Best E-Liquid in the UK

E liquids are the key to enhance the vape experience, it is named as e juice, vape juice, vape liquid etc. These liquids are famous because of their availability in different flavours and strengths. Users can control the taste and the requirement of the nicotine intakes.

The choices of taste and nicotine intake are possible only with the e liquids. Traditional smokers are used to a brand and a specific product, because of that cigarette suit. But the user of the liquid can overcome the constraints of taste over the selection of the nicotine.

E-liquid bottles are available in different flavours like apple, pineapple, tobacco, strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, bubble gum etc. These tastes take smoking into a different era. These e-cigarette liquids are made of a combination of propylene glycol (PG), flavours, vegetable glycerine (VG) and nicotine.

E Liquid is filled in an e-cig and the coil takes the power from the battery. The power is used to burn the stored e-cig liquid in the coil outer area. Then e-liquid concentrate starts vaporizing. The process of vaping is very simple and safe.

Type of E Liquids

The e liquids are made of PG, EG, Nicotine and flavours. The combination of these makes a DIY experience possible to the user. The proportion of the mixture of the ingredients makes a different type of e liquid.

HIGH Propylene glycol (PG) Eliquids

When the flavour is preferred over smoke then more PG is considered. Because propylene glycol carries the flavour in the process of vaping. The e liquid bottles with the high PG are more flavoured.

HIGH vegetable glycerine (VG) Eliquids

Smoking rings are every smoker's favourite pastime. And e liquid with high VG makes it easy because with this more smoke is produced.

Balanced PG & VG

Perfect balance premium e liquids are favourites of users like balance between flavour and smoke. Ideally, starters love to use these e liquids.

Nicotine Salt E Liquids

Starters love to use this because it gives a natural smoking experience without any harshness to the throat. it's called "nick salt" e liquids. These nic salt liquids are famous with users who prefer original taste.

Flavoured E liquids

Adding flavours to the smoking was a revolutionary idea, the traditions smoking was available in few tastes like mint, natural etc. But e vaping makes it possible to enjoy your favourite flavour in your smoking.

There is a long list of the flavours available in the e liquids. Flavours like apple, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, watermelon are fast selling in fruit flavoured e liquids. The bubblegum, butterscotch flavours are best among the young users.

Menthol, mint flavoured e concentrates are best to use for the cool smoking experience. Besides this mango, mixed fruit flavoured e liquids are also in the popular list of e liquid concentrates in the UK.

Nicotine free e liquids are in demand with the users who love smoking but don't want to intake nicotine. Starter kits, with nicotine or without nicotine are available in our store.

The people who love tobacco flavour can go for tobacco e liquids, menthol flavour e-liquid is also an important part of the liquid range.

Is E-Liquids better than tobacco?

Tobacco intake is injurious to health. It has the presence of harmful chemicals like carcinogens, carbon monoxide etc. Intake of tobacco is done using cigarettes and pipes. Where in e vaping the usage of safe PG, VG and flavours of food grades are used along with the nicotine.

Using tobacco short fills is safer than tobacco. Because the tobacco smoke has harmful chemicals and ash wastes. Where the smoke in e vaping is because of evaporation e liquids.

The smoke of tobacco or any flavoured e liquids is smell free and keeps the environment clean. And using cigarettes makes clothes, body and environment full of tobacco smell. It is far less harmful than tobacco.

Why choose the best e liquids brands?

E concentrates are key to the vaping. Good brands keep the standards of the flavours. Every time the same flavour will have the same taste. Same is with the strength of the nicotine will be the same all the time.

The second reason to buy e liquid from the best brand is that these brands also produce high-quality vape pens. These giants know about the quality of the e liquids which has less harm than the e liquids devices. The wastage from the eliquid is a reason why coils are deteriorated. So a quality product from a quality manufacturer is better to buy.

We at vapour devil, understand the requirements of the customer. That is why our e liquid range is full of 40 flavours, 30 brands and we also do e liquid sales in the UK. This e liquid clearance in the UK helps the regular buyers to buy at competitive prices.